martedì, aprile 08, 2008

"complete equality of rights"

If we had a majority in the country, we would first of all create a situation of complete equality of rights, without exception. Jew or Arab, Armenian or German, there would be no distinctions in the eyes of the law, all ways will be open before all, all may be eligible to be prime minister, if their program finds favor with the majority.
The status of an Arab in the Land of Israel will be exactly equivalent to that of a Scot or Welshman in England. Balfour is Scottish and is proud of his identity, Lloyd George is Welsh and is proud of his identity, and both of them were prime ministers in Britain, and thus it must be in the Hebrew Land of Israel that will come. Apart from this, we would create an even more praiseworthy situation in the Land of Israel: we would not only grant complete equality of rights to individual citizens, but also to national languages.

Vladimir Jabotinsky, 1929. Testo completo qui

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